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The Bobcat Debuting In 2024 | Six Flags Great Escape

Updated: Mar 19

The Bobcat Hero Image - Six Flags Great Escape

The All-New Bobcat Coaster Pounces into Six Flags Great Escape in 2024

Park to Celebrate 70 Years With its First New Coaster Since 2003

Six Flags Great Escape, the thrill capital of upstate New York, proudly announced a brand-new roller coaster for 2024, The Bobcat. This exciting addition marks the first new wooden coaster introduced to New York state since 1999 and is the first new coaster to be constructed at Six Flags Great Escape since 2003.

The Bobcat Logo - Six Flags Great Escape

This new coaster from The Gravity Group replaces Alpine Bobsled which was retired on September 4, 2023. With state-of-the-art trains, adrenaline-pumping airtime, smooth twists, and quick turns; The Bobcat brings a thrilling family coaster addition to Six Flags Great Escape's coaster line-up for both coaster beginners and long-time enthusiasts.

“We knew we had to find a perfect fit to replace the Alpine Bobsled in the hearts of our guests,” said Resort President Rebecca Wood. “This beautiful, all-natural wooden family coaster will deliver a smooth, fast, and heart-pounding experience. It is sure to be an instant classic.”

The Bobcat Lead Car Preview - Six Flags Great Escape

The Bobcat Stats & Fun Facts:

  • Seating: (2) 12 Passenger Trains

  • Coloring: Natural Wood Coaster

  • Lift Height: 55.4 Feet

  • Speed: Nearly 40 MPH

  • Length 1,412 Feet

  • Capacity: 12 People Per Cycle

  • Total Cycle Time: 126 Seconds

  • Rider Height: 42" With Adult, 48" To Ride Alone

  • Design and Engineering: The Gravity Group LLC

The Bobcat Features:

  • Revolutionary Timberliner trains provide an enjoyable rider experience

  • Innovative shock absorption and padding system for a smooth ride

  • Beautiful, natural design to complement park surroundings

  • Custom ride theming

  • An adventurous mix of speed, airtime, twists and turns

  • First new wooden coaster in New York since 1999.

The Bobcat will begin its prowl in the spring of 2024, just in time for the park’s 70th anniversary celebration. A perfect complement to the fabled Comet, The Bobcat will provide the unique feel of a quintessential wooden coaster, introducing thrill-seekers to quick turns, spunky drops, and heart-pumping excitement aboard a custom, state-of-the-art, themed train.

The Bobcat Preview Gallery & Animated POV

The Bobcat Example Video Preview

Opening at Walibi Rhône-Alpes in 2016 the wooden coaster Timber provides a great example of what we can expect from The Bobcat when it debuts in 2024! There is no doubt that this coaster from the Gravity Group will be a great addition to Six Flags Great Escape and a perfect complement to the classic Comet. We can't wait to ride, How about you?


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