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Welcome to CW3 Adventures!  As a kid, I always looked forward to summer when the traveling carnival would be set up in our local Jamesway parking lot.  I enjoyed it all, the fried dough, games, and rides but more than anything the roller coaster was my go-to.  I couldn't wait to ride it multiple times.  We would also visit the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, NY, and out of everything, including the Delicious Hudson Valley Fresh Milkshakes from the 4H building, my favorite was always getting to ride an even bigger coaster.  

We started yearly visits to the Lake George area for attractions like Gaslight Villiage, Water Slide World, and Storytown USA which became The Great Escape.  Now the park is Six Flags Great Escape and although a lot has changed over the years this park still features the first-ever looping coaster I rode, Steamin' Demon.

Trips to Riverside Park, now Six Flags New England, in Agawam, MA, and many others increased my love for coasters and parks in general.  In 4th Grade, I had my mind blown when my mother surprised me with our first-ever trip to Florida, visiting Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, and Walt Disney World, which at that time featured Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.  Needless to say, this took my love for parks to a whole new level and it turned into a lifelong passion.

One park, in particular, has been a catalyst in growing my excitement for thrills.  It all started thanks to my cousin taking me to the famous Action Park, I survived LOL, and Six Flags Great Adventure in the same summer.  Walking into Great Adventure I remember seeing and then riding my first-ever Stand-Up Coaster, Shockwave.  Since then Great Adventure has been a park where I have been able to experience several of my coaster firsts:  Inverted - Batman The Ride, LIM Launched - Batman & Robin: The Chiller, Floorless - Medusa, Hyper - Nitro, Flyer - Superman, and at the time the World's Tallest & Fastest - Kingda Ka.

My desire to learn more about parks and to share some of my experiences had me finding and joining the club American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) along with forum sites like SFNE Online, Great Adventure History & Theme Park Review.  In 2016, thanks to Robb's kindness I was able to attend my first media day representing TPR at Six Flags New England for Superman VR.  Since then I've had the privilege to attend several other media events at parks including SFNE, Great Escape, Great Adventure, Sesame Place, Dutch Wonderland & Hersheypark just to name a few.

Attending these events and looking to document them for others jumpstarted a personal interest in learning more about photography.  Thinking back to the traveling carnival, the roller coaster might have been my highlight but I enjoyed the whole experience.  Although I certainly still gravitate to thrills I now find myself appreciating everything a park has to offer.

I've also looked to expand beyond just enjoying theme parks.  There is so much natural beauty that is right here in the Hudson Valley, New York State, and elsewhere.  Taking that in while also wanting to capture it, even just as an amateur, has expanded my mindset about photography. It has become a way to decompress and relax, providing time to appreciate what we can easily take for granted, and bringing even further happiness is now starting CW3 Adventures as a way to share it with others. 

Learning Photography, Loving Theme Parks, and Taking In All That Is Around.  Thrill Seeking & Sightseeing, that's CW3 Adventures.  No need to wait in the queue, please follow along and enjoy the ride!

Chuck from CW3 Adventures

Thank You for taking the time to visit CW3 Adventures! 




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