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Rocky Mountain High | Mustang Mountain Coaster

Mustang Mountain Coaster

Fun for the Whole Family In Estes Park, Colorado - Mustang Mountain Coaster

Saddle up for an Exciting Alpine Coaster!

Nestled in the foothills of Estes Park, Colorado, and Rocky Mountain National Park sits the Mustang Mountain Coaster. When you’ve had your fill of hiking and shopping downtown, this is a budget-friendly coaster offering options for the whole family.

Mustang Mountain Coaster Logo

About the Ride

The Mustang is an alpine gravity coaster. It is the only alpine coaster in the greater Denver area. Riders get on and off in the same location as any coaster. All cars are two-seaters. The carts feature a simple dual handle break so you have complete control over your speed. Push it forward and you are at full speed with zero friction. 

You begin by ascending the start hill which offers breathtaking views of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. The upward climb is steep and takes about 2 minutes. Once you’ve reached the top, it’s go time. It’s just you vs. gravity and your taste for speed.  

While we recommend an all-gas,  no-break approach, it honestly takes 1 trip down to get to know the track before applying such a mentality. Also, note our Pro-Tip below. 

It is incredibly smooth for a small and locally owned coaster. Out of the start hill, it lulls you into a false sense of what the speed will be as it is a gradual build.  This feeling quickly dissipates as you round a quick 90 and hit an immediate drop-off that gets your heart pumping. As you get up to full speed, you’re greeted by a double switchback which brings you into a left-right twister zone. This checks up your speed a bit but not for long. You encounter two more double switchbacks as you race towards the bottom to complete the ride but these two are much more sweeping compared to the first set which is tight and quick.  

All in all, this is an exhilarating ride down the mountain. We could have spent all day riding this coaster. It offered a great getaway from the normal tourist attractions in Estes Park.

Pro Tip: Take a bit of a pause at the top to not only enjoy the view but check the track ahead. It’s best to take inventory of those up in front of you on the ride up. If you feel like they may be going slower, let them get a big lead before you go. We caught several people mid-track and late in the track not hoping to go as fast as us.

Mustang Mountain Coaster Gallery

Checking In

All riders must sign a release form to ride with an adult signature required for minors. What’s nice is that it’s all done on your smartphone, so if you are bringing someone else’s minor with you, the parent or guardian can pre-fill their waiver ahead of time for you.

Getting There

The Mustang Mountain Coaster sits just 3 miles southeast of downtown Estes Park at 1180 Dry Gulch Road. Hours vary throughout the year but it’s open every day from May through August. Parking is limited. The main lot only holds about 20 cars so you may have to wait a few minutes for patrons to leave.

The Staff & the Park

The owner, Cody Walker, greeted us as we entered and he’s a super friendly, happy-go-lucky guy. His team explains everything you need to know about controlling the cart and feeling safe. Everyone is super friendly and all aspects of checking in are seamless. 

Adding to the family atmosphere is a goat petting zoo. There is also horseback riding on the same lot but we wanted to go a little faster than that.  There is a picnic area with umbrellas and a separate space near the bottom of the track dedicated to photo and video grabs you can snap of your friends and family. 


A single ride is just $20 and a re-ride is just $10. We recommend opting for the three-ride pass which delivers the best value for sure at $35. They also offer an unlimited $10 pass for kids under 54“ but naturally kids under that height must be accompanied by a +54 rider.

Mustang Mountain Coaster POV

Although we didn't shoot a full POV of the ride experience below is one we found from when this first opened. It gives you a great preview of the Mustang Mountain Coaster.


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