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Go For Gold On Cliffside Coaster | Mt Van Hoevenberg

Cliffside Coaster On-Ride Shot - Mt Van Hoevenberg

North America's Longest Mountain Coaster Is Located In Lake Placid, New York

Relive Classic Olympic Moments When Visiting This Lake Placid Legacy Site

Views throughout New York State's vast Adirondacks region can be described as simply breathtaking. Between the streams, mountains, and fall foliage, you can spend a day, week,

Mt Van Hoevenberg Entrance Sign

or more just taking it all in. Add to that an Olympic history, and Lake Placid, which hosted

both the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games, provides a truly ca n't-miss experience.

Today, you can visit the Lake Placid Legacy Sites for winter events and all year, with each site having several activities catered to each season. One of these sites, Mt Van Hoevenberg, is still a U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Site and was the location of the Olympic Bobsled runs.

Mt Van Hoevenberg Welcome Center

Maybe you need more time to be ready to join the Bobsled Team, but have you ever wanted to travel the path of a Winter Olympian while zigging and zagging down a mountainside in a slightly more controlled fashion? If your answer was yes, Mt Van Hoevenberg has your answer!

Cliffside Coaster Loading Station - Mt Van Hoevenberg

Cliffside Coaster

Lake Placid's Cliffside Coaster is more than your average mountain coaster. It is currently the longest coaster in North America! Developed by ADG Mountainsides, it boasts a 1.4-mile course and the first-ever onboard Audio Soundtrack System.

Cliffside Coaster First Lift Hill - Mt Van Hoevenberg

Throughout the ride, John Morgan provides narration. You'll recognize his voice from the movie Cool Runnings. As you start your journey by climbing multiple lift sections, you learn about the site's history, hear commentary from that time, and continue to build your anticipation for what is to come once you crest the top.

You'll find yourself at the helm as you exit the final lift. With the potential to achieve speeds of up to 25 mph, you have full control over the pace at which your Olympic-themed cart descends the mountain. Our vote is always All Gas, No Brakes!

Cliffside Coaster In Action - Mt Van Hoevenberg

However, no matter what pace you pick, you are now following the path of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Bobsled track while descending the mountain. The narration continues telling you about points during your descent and ultimately brings you to the finish line as you cross in your quest for Gold!

Now that we've told you about the experience, why not take a 4K virtual ride on North America's Longest Mountain Coaster? Filmed on 10/1/2023, it also shows the fantastic views Cliffside Coaster provides right when the foliage had just started to change into the many beautiful fall colors.

Cliffside Coaster Full Experience in 4K

Note:  If you want to see the entire downhill run, jump to 6:12.

We loved the Cliffside Coaster experience and the Legacy Tour that was offered. We recommend visiting to take in the history and available experiences. There is a ton you can do, and we can't wait to go back and experience more of what the Lake Placid Legacy Sites have to offer.

Looking Up - Mt Van Hoevenberg


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