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Climb, Hop & Play At The 123 Playground | Sesame Place

123 Playground Grand Opening - Sesame Place
Play, Climb & Relax Nearby - Welcome To The 123 Playground!

Sesame Place Philadelphia Celebrates The Opening Of The All-New 123 Playground!

Sesame Place Logo

Sesame Place Philadelphia’s 2024 Season hopped into high gear Memorial Day Weekend with the Grand Opening of the 123 Playground.

Saturday morning, the park held a Garden Party-Inspired Celebration at the entryway to the 123 Playground to officially introduce this new family-friendly attraction! After the ceremony, Sesame Place Season Pass Members and Media Guests were first allowed to experience the 123 Playground.

We were happy to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony and see firsthand how beautiful this new addition is. So, what is the 123 Playground, and what other changes has the park seen for the 2024 season? Follow along for those details, and enjoy a day recap with us!

Welcome to Sesame Place Philadelphia
It's Always A Fun Day Visiting Sesame Place Philadelphia!
Looking Towards 123 Playground - Sesame Place Philadelphia
Especially When Checking Out a Brand New Attraction!

Opening The 123 Playground

We made our way down to the entrance of the 123 Playground, and it was easy to feel the excitement of the families in the air. Many had gathered by the area in anticipation of the ceremony. Usually, seeing some of everyone's favorite Sesame Street Friends is a highlight of any opening at Sesame Place. They didn't disappoint those waiting as Abby Cadabby, Elmo, and Cookie Monster joined Park President Cathy Valeriano to introduce the 123 Playground and officially open it to all.

Entering 123 Playground - Sesame Place Philadelphia
It's Now Time to Check Out The 123 Playground!

123 Playground

A Colorful New Place To Climb, Hop, Slide & Play at Sesame Place Philadelphia

Kids Running Into 123 Playground - Sesame Place Philadelphia

123 Playground is an all-new, 3,000-square-foot play area perfect for adults to relax and for kids to delight in. This imaginative and colorful play area offers several ways to climb, hop, and play.

Located just across from the iconic Sesame Street Neighborhood, the 123 Playground is surrounded by blooming flowerbeds and friendly topiaries modeled after Sesame Street friends. The all-new play area provides seating for adults to relax and recharge under garden-inspired shades. In contrast, their youngest ones can run around having fun.

The classic playground elements include slides, soft play mounds, and interactive play panels featuring entertaining activities children can enjoy independently or with others, creating a physically and developmentally engaging experience.

Why 123 Playground?

Why did Sesame Place decide to add the 123 Playground? Let's look at a quote from when this play area was announced.

“We are thrilled to share our plans for 2024. After speaking with many of our guests and Season Pass Members, the most requested attraction for our park has been a playground where children of all ages can climb, hop, and play, and we’re so excited to bring this request to life,” said Cathy Valeriano, Park President of Sesame Place Philadelphia. “Families come to Sesame Place to enjoy rides and attractions suited for all ages, and the 123 Playground will provide a charming and welcoming spot for our youngest guests to play and relax together.”

So, you asked, and Sesame Place delivered! Beyond just adding a playground, the park, like usual, took it to the next level with beautiful theming inside and out of the 123 Playground. Okay, now that we know what it is and why it was added, here are a few photo galleries showing how nice the 123 Playground came out.

Walking Around The 123 Playground

Let's Head To Left

Around The Back

And Now To The Right

The 123 Playground looks fantastic, and from seeing all the kids smiling and laughing, it's already a hit. But now that we've looked at this location, wasn't another ride here?


Sunny Day Carousel

A Cute, Colorful, Classic Ride Gets Revamped

That's right. The Sunny Day Carousel used to be located where 123 Playground is now. In 2024, those who love a good carousel can experience it in a whole new way!

Colorfully renovated with friendly horses themed after Sesame Street friends, this classic and whimsical merry-go-round is the perfect attraction for the entire family. At its new location in Sesame Plaza, the Sunny Day Carousel will welcome you to Sesame Place and start your day off the sunny way!

The Sunny Day Carousel looks excellent; it's revamped and in its new front-of-park location. Let's look again as we walk back towards the main gates.

Sunny Day Carousel 6 - Sesame Place Philadelphia

Wait a second. Before we go, we must head to that awesome green structure in the back right.


Oscar's Wacky Taxi

Let's Take A Few Laps With Oscar In His Wacky Taxi!


A visit to Sesame Place is always a good time, and for those seeking an extra level of thrill, Sesame Place has a gem. Prepare for the exhilarating fun of their first-ever wooden roller coaster, Oscar's Wacky Taxi. This unique wooden-steel hybrid roller coaster, with its bright yellow, taxi cab-inspired train and everyone's favorite grouch at the helm, provides a ride that rivals and outdoes many larger coasters.

Designed by The Gravity Group, this family-friendly coaster opened in 2018 and delivers for thrill seekers of all ages. It provides a fun first drop and 12 moments of airtime throughout! Take a ride on Oscar's Wacky Taxi with Chuck from CW3 Adventures. Filmed on 5/25/2024.


That's A Wrap

Another Great Visit To Sesame Place Philadelphia


I had another outstanding visit to the park. The details in 123 Playground show how much this park's team cares and the joy they get from continually adding to and improving it.

CW3 Adventures at 123 Playground - Sesame Place Philadelphia

Sunny Day Carousel is eye-catching in its new location, and they have made it look even better than before. Of course, I love thrills, and Oscar's might seem smaller, but it is full of them. I continue to be impressed with how these "family" coasters by The Gravity Group deliver better and smoother rides than many larger ones. It was a great way to wrap up my visit, which won't be my last.

Okay, back towards the carousel, where we make that right-hand turn towards the Park Exit.

Direction Signs - Sesame Place Philadelphia

Thanks again to the Team at Sesame Place Philadelphia for inviting us to have a play day at Sesame Place! We can't say enough nice things about this great, family-friendly park and the staff that continue to care about it. If you have never been, you need to go, and if you have, why wait? Get back again soon! Thanks for taking the time to check out our article.

Entryway Into Sesame Place Philadelphia


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